Welcome to MacroDroid Remote Control.

MDRC for short.

Trigger MacroDroid actions and action blocks on your android device remotely with custom input values and get back the returned values.

This intro will guide you throught first setup.

Privacy first.

MDRC will require you to input your MacroDroid webhook id, which is an information you should keep private and this website respects that fact.

Your webhook url will stay on your device and instead a random id is generated and send to the device, where you need to accept it to be able to control the device. Your original id is still used to make requests to MacroDroid webhook, but anywhere elsewhere the randomly generated id is used.

By the way this site uses cookies.

Add MDRC companion macro to your macro list.

I assume you have MacroDroid already installed on your android device and if not you can do so here.

Open MacroDroid template store on your android device and write "id=xxxxxx" into search bar or just search for "MDRC".

Alternatively you can download the macro file from here.

Setup first device.

You can add more devices later.

Name the device. This can be any name up to 30 characters.

Enter device webhook id or any whole webhook adress. The id will be extracted with regex :).

A notification was sent to target device.

State: not accepted

Generated device id is:

After accepting the notification on the device please be patient, The state of acceptance may be delayed up to 4 seconds.

The notification didn't come?

Please make sure the target device has an internet connection.


The UI is divided into 3 tabs.

Devices is the first tab that allows you to manage your paired devices and see the connection status.

Actions is the main tab that allows you create quick actions and pin them as shortcut if you use them often.

Logs is the third tab that allows you to see the recent activity, action used and responses from the paired device.

Settings is the last tab that allows you to manage the web app and its data.

MDRC v 0.0.0 (15)

Paired devices

Active device connection



Quick actions

no actions configured yet

Logs & Responses

Settings & Options

Storage management

Choose an action type.

Run action

Add to quick actions

Setup custom URL.

Webhook identifier